Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is where we find the magic,
This is where the whole thing starts
This is where God put together
All these fascinating parts.

See those big eyes, trusting, glistening,
Ready smiles and gurgling laughter,
Confidences, gorgeous creatures,
Why should anything come after?

This is where the best things happen,
Children are such precious people,
Teach them number, reading, writing,
Here’s the church and here’s the steeple.

Let them show you too, my teachers,
All the secrets that they know of,
Secrets that the angels told them
Not too many seasons far off.

This one swings her shiny pigtails,
Tells you her new baby brother
Will be coming some time next week,
As a present from her mother.

This one with the short blond haircut
Tells you of the bike he’s getting
But you know the bike’s a dream thing,
That his crippled foot’s preventing.

So they come and say they love you,
Reaching out with chubby fingers,
Urge you here to do some skipping,
Hurry, hurry, no one lingers,

Can’t you feel their wild excitement,
Aren’t you happy, aren’t you flattered,
That these busy Lilliputians
Make you feel as if you mattered?

by G W Falkenmire


  1. Great poem! Is there a date for this work?

  2. Good question. It is from a book called "Verse you can read" published in 1994