Sunday, February 14, 2010

from GWF

The following is part of the FOREWARD written by G. W. Falkenmire for the version of Now Read This that was published in 1984 and called "Highway to Literacy"

Dear Students and Teachers,
This course is specially constructed so that anyone who can read and write can teach someone else to read and write.
It is the result of a lifetime of concern about literacy levels of children and adults. It is the earnest desire of the author that everyone should have access to the printed word.
This course is virtually an exercise in programmed instruction - where the progression from a known fact is made as simple as possible.

Our digital version of Now Read This holds true to this description. However it is programmed instruction, but the user has control of the programme and can take it in many directions. In this way the programme caters for learners at every level of English literacy and any speed of learning.

The title page of NRT with links to the 10 lessons.

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