Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to form each of the letters of the lower case alphabet

Click the image to see the movie in a new window.

This is a screen shot of an animation in NOW READ THIS.
This movie shows how each lower case letter is formed.
In an attractive animation, students can see the correct way to write each letter of the English alphabet.
The movie runs for about 8 minutes. It is in two sections, the first part forming each letter of the alphabet, stroke by stroke. The second part of the movie is all of the 26 letters fading in and out one at a time. This second part will loop endlessly unless interrupted by the user. 

There are control buttons to manage the replaying, pausing and stopping the movie.
An alphabet written across the top of the page is a row of links that allow the user to jump directly to the writing of the particular letter that they click on.

NOW READ THIS also has a matching movie that shows the writing of the uppercase letters. 

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